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Selected Sample of Reviews
Edward Clark: For the Sake of the Search

Edward Clark: For theSake of the Search

"The Long Sweep. A Conversation with Ed Clark about His 60-Plus Years in the Art World," Art Pulse Magazine (2013) by Jeff Edwards

"Ed Clark: Master of Abstract Expressionism," Ebony (July, 2012) by Jenna Bond-Louden Artist on Artist: Ron Bechet on Ed Clark,. Pelican Bomb (2011) by Ron Bechet

Art News (May, 2003) by Margaret Hawkins

"Quiet as it's Kept" (May, 2002) by Geoffrey Jacques

New York Times (February 6, 1998) by Johnson

"Ed Clark and the Abstract Shaped Canvas: A Memoir"
From Edward Clark: for the Sake of the Search (1997)
by Anita Feldman

"Ed Clark and I"
From Edward Clark: for the Sake of the Search (1997)
by Ted Joans

"Ed Alert" Chicago Sun Times (Sep 28, 1997) by Garrett Holg

"Ed Clark: The Fulfillment of a 'Grand' Talent" (1997)
by Corinne Robins

"Exploration in the City of Light" (1996) by Valerie Mercer

Art Space Catalogue (1990) by Kellie Jones

"Edward Clark: Directions" Art in America (1981)
by Judith Wilson

"Ed Clark: A Complex Identity" Feature article from
Studio Museum Retrospective Catalogue (1980)
by Anita Feldman

"Catalogue of Ed Clark's first museum retrospective (1980)
by Mary Schmidt-Campbell

"Edward Clark's Luminous Expanses" American Rag (1980)
by April Kingsley

"Trois Americains peintres et noirs" L'Express (1980)
by Pierre Schneider

"Edward Clark: Still Sweeps Them off Their Feet"
Encore America & Worldwide News
by Benny Andrews

"Edward Clark: Push-Broom and Canvas"
Art International (1973) by Corinne Robins

Art News (1972) by Lawrence Campbell

"Paris Letter" Art International (1966) by R. C. Kenedy

Galerie R. Creuze Catalogue, Paris, (May 1955) (French)
by Michel Conil-Lecoste

Le Monde, Paris (March 12, 1954)" by Michel Conil-Lecoste

Untitled: Paris Series #2 1986
Private Collection

Broken Rainbow

Broken Rainbow 1986
Private Collection